Introducing the Premier Coin Collecting Software

 Stackvestor offers a comprehensive coin collecting software solution to make cataloging and tracking your coins and precious metals fun and intuitive. Search over 30,000 coins and bullion pieces, and get live price updates on your stack.

Coin Collecting Software

Our software for coin collectors is affordable and offers many advanced features. Don’t settle for an outdated coin collecting software or expose your data online. Download the StackVestor © virtual coin vault to start cataloging today.

Personal Vault

Download our desktop virtual vault to catalog and track your personal coin and precious metals collection

Live Pricing

Get updated prices on all 30,000 coins in your database as well as all items in your vault. Compare current prices with what you paid. Get alerts when a coins price reaches your sell target.

Privacy & Security

Your vault saves to a personal database on your machine and your data is never stored online or shared.

Online/Offline Mode

Internet connection is not required to access your coin vault. When internet is available, get up do date price info on all coins.

Coin Database

Your personal database comes pre-loaded with over 30,000 popular US coins as well as gold and silver bullion items. Search coins to quickly add to your vault 

Lifetime Access

Your vault is yours forever. Once you download it you have access to the vault and the personal database forever.

Who We Are

Here at StackVestor © we’re passionate about collecting coins and precious metals.  It’s part hobby, part investment, and 100% fun. We come from the IT world, and when we looked around for viable coin collecting software solutions, we were left to choose from outdated tech and clunky UIs. 

Our team is on a mission to bring coin collecting into the modern era using cutting edge technologies and intuitive interfaces. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Virtual Coin Vault?

Our virtual coin vault is a coin collecting software solution. It is a digital representation of your physical stack. Quickly search the coin database to find items you own, and add them to your virtual vault. Your vault can hold any historical US coins, as well as gold and silver bullion. Once you’ve added items to your vault,  you’ll have valuable information about your stack, right at your fingertips. Find out how much profit you’ve made since purchasing each item, store photos of your stack, add items to your wishlist, and even receive alerts when a coin reaches your target sell price. 


Q: Why a Desktop Application?

We examined each potential technology platform for our coin collecting software, and found that a desktop application offers the most benefits. The largest advantage of our desktop virtual coin vault is security. Your personal info and coin collection info is never exposed over the internet. We offer all of the convenience and technology of a web application in our self contained desktop application.

Desktop is also the most practical platform for cataloging a coin collection. There are many mobile apps available for coin collection, but mobile apps don’t make sense for recording large amounts of data about each item in your stack.


Q: What Exactly are the Online/Offline Modes?

The Stackvestor virtual coin vault is the only software for coin collecting that offers full functionality without the need for internet, while still offering live price updates via syncing between our live servers and your personal database. This means that you can view your coin collection and catalog new items from anywhere, regardless of internet connection. When internet becomes available, sync your local database to get live prices on all the items in your stack.


Q: What is Included in My Personal Database?

When you purchase the Stackvestor virtual coin vault, you are given a copy of our database of US coins and gold/silver bullion. This database contains over 30,000 items for you to search and quickly add to your vault. The database lives on your personal computer and is yours to keep forever. Even better, whenever you have an internet connection available your coin database will update with live prices. The database also houses any info you enter about your own stack, including target sell prices and photos.


Q: What Makes Stackvestor More Intuitive than the Competition?

Many of the coin collection software alternatives offer clunky outdated User Interfaces. This includes long exhausting forms that turn cataloging your collection into a tedious task. Our virtual coin vault software is unrivaled in terms of cataloging your coins and precious metals collection in a fun and efficient manner. Search our massive coin database, adding items to your vault in just a few clicks. 

There are alternatives available that offer real time prices on coins and precious metals. However, none comes close to providing a useful, real time snapshot of your stack. 



Douglas F.

“I actually did my homework before buying coin collecting software. Stackvestor app has more features at a better price.”

Johnathan S.

“Stackvestor’s coin vault took something that can be tedious and turned it into a fun process. I also love the live price update.”

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