1. Liberty Gold Coins are Iconic

For 225 years, gold liberty coins have been produced by the US Mint. From the early circulating coins of the United States Mint to the modern Gold Liberty High Relief of today. Although these coins feature a wide variety of designs and denominations, they have always been the most iconic coin produced by the United States Mint.

gold liberty coins on table

2. Historical Importance of Gold Liberty Coins

Article 1, Section 8 of none other than the Constitution gives the congress the authority to coin money. This idea came to fruition after decades, when the US Mint was established. In 1792 George Washington signed the Mint Coinage Act of 1792, authorizing the US Mint to produce ten new coin denominations.

Although these coins were produced with various designs, and also in gold, silver, and copper, many of the obverse designs prominently featured liberty. Because of this, the gold liberty coins are a direct link back to some of our most important national history.


3. The Value of Gold is on the Rise

This statement is not only in regards to the short term rise when this article was written, but also historically. There remains no better hedge against inflation than to invest in gold. One thing is for certain in regards to the financial state of the United States. The Federal Reserve, by order of the US Congress will continue to print money (inflate the money supply) more each year. In 2020 alone the money supply has been inflated by more than $3 trillion.

Some will argue that this hasn’t caused inflation but a good test of this is to compare wages and commodity prices from today to those of decades past. The US has even changed it’s metric for measuring inflation several times as inflation continues to rise.

Investing in gold coins and bullion such as gold liberty coins is always a prudent decision. Gold liberty coins minted by the US Mint also provide a level of comfort to potential buyers when it comes time for you to sell.

gold price chart for last 200 years