About Us – Coin Collecting Software Nerds


Stackvestor started as a passion project for a couple of lifelong stackers who ended up working in the IT world. Naturally, we decided that we had to combine our love for coin collecting with our enthusiasm for fun and intuitive software. The concept for the Virtual Coin Vault began as a way to track our own personal coin and precious metals collections. We realized that the experience of viewing your stack in a virtual form is something that all stackers and collectors could appreciate.

We looked around for existing solutions for collecting software, and were very underwhelmed. While there are viable alternatives available, they are very out of date. Most are built to run on an old OS, and many of them offer clunky UI experiences. On top of that, the prices were outrageous. We set out to create a new solution; one that centers around the experience of viewing and enjoying your collection.

Our solution is a piece of software that uses modern web technologies (Vue.js, Node & Express) but runs locally on your machine without the needs for an internet connection. It’s literally the best of both worlds. Lightning fast actions, real-time prices, and sleek interfaces are a few of the things we’ve focused on for the original version (V 1.0) of the Stackvestor Virtual Coin Vault. On top of that we are committed to providing this functionality at a price that any collector can justify for their collection.

Stackvestor is more than just a piece of technology to us. We recognize the strong sense of community that exists around the collecting of coins & precious metals. That is why we want to hear from you. Please drop by to tell us what it is that you love about stacking, what features you would like to see in future releases of Stackvestor’s coin vault, or just to say hi!